Floral Care

The lifespan of fresh cut flowers will vary depending on the flower type (generally 6-12 days) with the correct care.

Many people are often frustrated by how short-lived a bouquet may be once they get it home. We're here to help! Don't forget that fresh cut flowers are still living entities that can be encouraged to last much longer under the right conditions. The following tips will help make your flowers last longer:


1. Change the water daily after the second day; this includes arrangements made with floral foam. Just like us, flowers love clean water! Avoid using hot or cold water as this can shock delicate flowers. Top up with lukewarm water the day after receiving your flowers, rather than changing it completely – this way, they benefit from the flower food for longer.

2. Remove any foliage that sits below the waterline to avoid build-up of debris. If your flowers include roses, you may notice some discolored outer petals. These are guard petals, which protect the inner petals. Gently remove 2-3 guard petals to keep fresh.

3. Remove any wilted flowers. Besides not looking as attractive, they can spread mold onto the others. Clean and sterilize your vase thoroughly. Any lingering bacteria will make your flowers wilt faster.

4. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, (indirect light is best) and in a space where the temperature is cool, to prolong their life.


1. Remove the wrapped packaging. Prepare a vase with room temperature to warm water. Add flower food and stir. Remove any foliage that will be below the water line.

2. Trim about 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle. Cut the stems with sharp scissors. Blunt scissors or dull instruments can crush the stems and prevent the flowers from properly absorbing water. We recommend varying the stem length to give your arrangement a height range.

3. Keep out of heat, direct sun, and drafts. Enjoy and display in a space where the temperature is cool, to prolong their life.


Refrigeration & Fruit: We don’t recommend putting your florals in your home fridge unless it’s completely devoid of fruits and vegetables. Most fruits and veggies (especially bananas and apples) emit ethylene gas which shortens the life of and browns most flowers. For this reason, we don’t arrange with fruits & veggies unless requested.

How-to Sterilize a Vase: Hand wash with dish soap until all slimy parts and debris are completely gone. Air or towel dry. Take a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water solution and saturate freshly washed vase with a spray bottle on mist setting, or saturate a paper towel and wipe down. Let the solution set for 5-10 minutes, rinse and pat dry.

Water Temperature: A general rule of thumb is to use warm to almost hot water for woody/brown and hard stems, and cool to cold water for fleshy/soft bright green stems. If you’re unsure which temperature to use, simply stick with room temperature water.

How-to Refresh: Fill a clean, sterile vase with the correct water temperature for your florals, set aside. Make sure no foliage is submerged to avoid bacterial growth and murky water. All foliage should be above the opening of the vase. Cut your stem with sharp, sterile gardening sheers or floral knife at a 45 degree angle to maximize water absorption.

Flowers are highly perishable and should be cared for with love and attention. Your flowers should last 6-12 days depending on how much love you give them.