What is Designer's Choice?

At Evergreen Modern Flowers, we love designing bespoke arrangements to better offer you exclusive florals that are one of a kind. The exact arrangements you see on our website are a starting point, and nearly impossible to replicate — and while we love each one we make, we like to explore new creations with every customer even more! For this reason, and because every flower is not available during all seasons, our studio only offers Designer's Choice.

Let our designers choose from our freshest and best inventory, combining artistic experience with seasonal inspiration. This concept doesn't go by a website recipe; our team is made up of both designers and flower experts that hand-select blooms and turn out creations that feel personal to you or that of the person who will receive our flowers. This means that the exact arrangement you select is not the exact one you will receive. We will work with that style, your bloom preference, and notes, to carefully curate something especially for you.

We will always make every attempt to match the flower type and color(s) you request in the notes section. This is where we can collaborate and create something truly special. This is also where trust comes in! For this concept to truly function, you must have confidence that we will do an amazing job; we hope you will entrust our artistic judgment. With a bit of flexibility and a "think out-of-the-box" mentality, we can be extremely creative!

If there's something that doesn't stand out as starting point, we're more than happy to take into consideration your price range and color scheme, and create something for you. All you have to do is provide us with details.